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Sweet Home Alabama (GF)- Vanilla

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (GF)- Milk Chocolate

Crazy Train- Rotating selection of mad flavors, current flavor-Japanese Curry with apple honey swirl

Red Corvette (GF)- Strawberry

Hammer Time- Oreo ice cream & Double Stuf Oreo pieces

She Thinks My Pecan’s Sexy (GF)- Buttery vanilla ice cream, creamy caramel swirl & candied pecan pieces

Green Day- Mint ice cream, chocolate chips & Grasshopper cookie pieces

Golddigger- Chocolate ice cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter swirl & peanut butter cookie pieces

Tainted Love- Dark chocolate ice cream, raspberry swirl & brownie pieces

Start Me Up (GF)- Coffee ice cream & creamy caramel swirl

Cheesecake in Paradise-Rotating selection of cheesecake ice cream with graham crust swirl, current flavor-Red Velvet

Satisfaction- Malted chocolate ice cream, fudge swirl & Snickers pieces

Brown Eyed Girl- Cinnamon ice cream, cream cheese frosting swirl & cinnamon roll pieces

Sea and Sand- Salted vanilla ice cream, crunchy brown sugar swirl & white chocolate macadamia nut cookie pieces

Calm Down (GF)- Pink cotton candy ice cream & sprinkles swirl

Name Game- Banana pudding ice cream, marshmallow swirl & vanilla wafer cookie pieces

Eileen’s Colossal Cookies- Rotating selection featuring Eileen’s Colossal Cookies

KC Favorites-Rotating selection featuring the best of what KC has to offer. 

Ice Ice Baby (GF, V)- Rotating selection of fruit sorbets. Current flavors- Mango Peach Lemonade & Watermelon Berry

Don’t Be Cruel (GF, V)- Rotating selection of oat milk based "ice cream." Current flavors-Mint "Oreo" & Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

I Feel Good (GF)- Rotating selection of Keto/sugar-free flavors. 5 net carbs/regular size. Current flavor- Chocolate Peanut Butter

Pup Cups-peanut butter or banana, topped with a crunchy treat. All profits from pup cups go to local animal rescues.  Check out info about our current rescue/charity in store. 

*Please let us know of any allergies. While we do everything possible to prevent cross-contamination, all major allergens are contained in various products in the store. 

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