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Ice cream, homemade ice cream, best ice cream in KC
boba, bubble tea, best boba in KC, best bubble tea in KC

Sunday 12p-8:30p
Monday 1p-8:30p
Tuesday 1p-8:30p
Wednesday 1p-8:30p
Thursday 1p-8:30p
Friday 12p-9:30p
Saturday 12p-9:30p


Alice Scooper's is KC's newest ice cream shop. We proudly serve generous portions of small-batch, homemade ice cream, made in-store.  We use high quality ingredients, including real milk, cream and sugar. It's a difference you can taste!

We also feature House of Boba, offering a full bubble tea/boba menu, including iced coffees and energy drinks.  Syrups are made in-house, using natural flavorings and no artificial colors. This allows you to create flavors that you can't get anywhere else!


keto, dairy-free & vegan options
...not just vanilla and chocolate!  we've put as much love into our keto and vegan options as we have our regular ice cream!

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